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Love is in the Air

Last week when I went to the popular mall in our town, I almost got run over by the enthusiastic crowd shopping for Valentine’s Day. Majority of them were young people who were trying hard to buy presents for their … Continue reading

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My Re-cycling Efforts

  The two things – growing up in the financial capital of India and learning to ride a bike did not mix well. I didn’t own a bike because of the impractically of storage, and it was hazardous to ride … Continue reading

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Spring is in the air

Spring is in the air squirrels are diving out of their lair my neighbor took out his beach chair snowfalls are getting rare but I still feel ensnared Spring brings April showers it exhibits plethora of flowers it parades with … Continue reading

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It is snowing again

It is snowing again when is this going to end so far we had snow, sleet and ice my health is paying a heavy price My son wants to go out and explore but I want to head to the … Continue reading

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Coping with Cold

Last week my son came home with cold and cough and pretty soon we were an ailing household. I was in training all week and couldn’t even take any time off. This little piece from my journal recites the misery … Continue reading

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An Intruder

  I screamed. I nearly fainted. I caught sight of an unsought intruder in my bathroom. My older son came running with a phone in his hand ready to dial 911. My younger son came clutching a small Ganapati idol; … Continue reading

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Oh those five……….

Those five have been part of my life for quite some time now.  Every morning I wish they would go away, but they are always with me like Siamese twins. They hunker down with me in my office, follow me to the gym, spy … Continue reading

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