Love is in the Air

Last week when I went to the popular mall in our town, I almost got run over by the enthusiastic crowd shopping for Valentine’s Day. Majority of them were young people who were trying hard to buy presents for their loved ones, the female portion of the lot was drawn to the shops promising beauty and artistry and the diamond business was at its peak. The air was thick with anxiety, doubt, anticipation, promises and frustration – love was definitely in the air. Having passed all these phases and stages, I was happy to plop down on the nearest bench and soak myself in the fountain of youth. The problem was, I was accompanied by a smartly dressed friend, who after taking one look at my dowdy clothes had advised me to develop some love for the fashion industry. She had now made it her mission to change my “mom” wardrobe to one of a fashionable career woman.

As we were going through racks of clothes, I kept catching snippets of conversion and was surprised to find that many ways of courting still remained the same. By now, love had possessed my mind. After arriving home, I asked my family what love meant to them – my husband rolled his eyes, the tween made gagging sounds and my youngest son gave me a big hug. Of course everyone has their own way of expressing love, some bestow gifts on their partners, some cook a grand meal, and some foot a large bill at an expensive restaurant while others thoughtfully offer acts of kindness.

I steer clear of restaurants on Mother’s day and Valentine’s day, the long waits at the restaurants hamper any plans of an enjoyable meal. We prefer a sugar-free meal in the evening after the onslaught of sugar high parties at school and work. A bowl of tomato soup, freshly baked baguette and side salad will perfectly fit the bill tomorrow night; incidentally I did discover a recipe for baguette (with a crackling crust) on the King Arthur Website and oh, that is one of the finest breads I have ever eaten. I have now bade my farewell to the supermarket baguette, and Valentine’s day or not, you are sure to enjoy this recipe. I followed the recipe closely extending only the rising times as we had sub-zero temperatures last week.

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