My Big Fat Shadow

I look outside the window
And catch a glimpse of a ghastly shadow
Snow glitters on the ground
My dreams have no bounds

Do I see a turning point
Or is it shadow’s ugly footprint

My ambition has no limit
My fantasies are running wild
I am feeling high
And now I remember
That no bird soars too high

The shadow keeps pouncing
It works hard on intimidating
I fight it with strong will
I am exhausted from the tough drill

But I realize it’s a shadow of my doubt
I need to crush it flat-out
Till I conquer it fully
It will be my biggest bully

Should I settle down with a beer can
And start devising a project plan
Do I develop test cases
And try to cover all the bases

Oh, do they ever finish on time
They are like partners in crime.
I decide to work solo
And in no time get rid of that slimy shadow

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