Kitchen Tale


Last week Nupur of One Hot Stove announced Kitchen Link party event where you give readers a peek into your kitchen, and the timing couldn’t have been better. Just two days before, we got granite countertops installed in my kitchen; gone were my tired looking laminate countertops, chipped porcelain sink and white tiles and  my kitchen was transformed into a gleaming beauty. I consider the kitchen to be a very personal place, and at first I was wary of putting it on display on my blog.  But my friends had been asking for photos of the makeover, and the proclivity to flaunt dissolved any qualms that I was having.   

 In my house kitchen is always a hub of activity. With two young boys and a husband who like to munch all the time, there is always heavy traffic in the kitchen, and if you are not watching where you are going, you are in a constant danger of collision. With so much going on, I have to establish some ground rules. Nothing, mind you nothing that you take out of the cabinets remains on the counters. But with male population dominating my household, this doesn’t always happen. Everything in my kitchen has its own place, and I like to blindly reach and magically pull out pots, pans, spices, spoons and pantry ingredients. Again, because of the aforementioned population, I sometimes run into surprises; if I didn’t know my family members well, I would think that they were purposely hiding things away from me. But overall, the whole system works for me. Most of the counter space is used only when I am actively cooking; as part of cooking preparation, I pull out needed pots and pans and serving spoons in one area, vegetables, knives, bowls, chopping board grace another section in close proximity to the sink and the flours and appliances for bread both Indian and Western, wait in line in the third section. Once I am done with cooking, everything rests back in its own space, and I am back to a clutter-free kitchen. Some people think it is a lot of hassle to constantly put things away  rather than keeping them handy on the counters or nearby, but it makes me anxious and I find it hard to settle in a place where too many things are on display. That was also a main criterion in our selection of granite; I didn’t want to go with a close arrangement giving an impression of a perpetually busy kitchen, and went with a soothing pattern and colors. A sparkling extra deep stainless steel sink and a gooseneck faucet made cleaning large vessels an amenable task. When in a foul food I can bang pots and pans in the sink to my heats content without the fear of chipping the sink; my husband has already made sure that the contractor put extra padding surrounding the sink to lessen the deafening sound.   




Adjacent to my kitchen is a breakfast area surrounded by five big windows that let in plenty of light into the kitchen. The eat-in area serves multitude of functions – we eat most our meals together and share our daily experiences, kids chatter about school and share secrets while digging into snacks, it serves as a homework central where I can help the kids while keeping an eye on the stove, it is also a perfect place for the messy science and art projects involving various household objects. My laptop often lands on the dining table when I look up recipes or take notes for the blog. You can also see my younger son’s pretend kitchen against the window, he is a cook in his own right and is taking cooking lessons at his school.   


With such a happy place, could I ask for anything more? As I type this my husband is rolling his eyes; he already has my list in his hands – now I want new stainless steel appliances, need cabinets and floor finished to a darker stain to go with the granite. But until then, this is my haven.   


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6 Responses to Kitchen Tale

  1. Nupur says:

    What a gorgeous and spacious kitchen! It would be a treat to cook in here. I love the airy breakfast nook and the toy kitchen brings back sweet memories of my own childhood. Thanks for sharing the pics with us.

  2. Pavani says:

    You have a beautiful kitchen. So open and airy.. I especially like your rule of putting everthing back and not on the counter. I can use that in my house.. Thanks for showing us ur lovely kitchen.

  3. Amruta says:

    What a nice open kitchen! LOVE those windows.

  4. Manasi says:

    U have a gorgeous kitchen! I would LOVE one like this.. sadly apartments do not offer much of a choice.
    I really like ur son’s cook-nook. reminds of the ‘bhaatuki’ (pretend kitchen) I had as a child.

  5. harini-jaya says:

    awesome space u have there…love the granite color combo…

  6. Forego the stainless steel refrigerator if you have little children as magnets will not stick to stainless. Children love to see their work and even their pictures on the frig. Don’t get me wrong I have a stainless steel frig and like it but I can’t put up pictures and lists on it. Your kitchen and breadfast room look warm and homey, I really like it.

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