Back to School Celebration


After nearly three months of holidays, my kids are finally back in school. After a long period of torpidity they were eager to get back into action. Not to say that they didn’t enjoy sleeping in till 11 A everyday, hanging out with their friends at a pool, playing countless baseball games, and attending various summer camps, but towards the end they started craving for a schedule. As far as I was concerned, I was jubilant, relieved and anxious. Stopped were the calls during the day from my kids complaining about each other, whining about boredom, and pleading me to come home early so that I could take them out to the pool or to the parks. I remember calling up my dad at work ad nauseam when I was a kid, to gripe about my sister ,but unlike me, my dad always showed considerable forbearance and never sounded exasperated.        

My older son started middle school this year, and as he crosses this juncture, I am getting apprehensive. My role is changing from a decision-maker to supporter as he chooses his path and embarks upon the hair-raising journey of becoming a teenager. I have been getting increasingly restless and  turned my trepidation into celebration by making Brigadeiro, another of my kids’ favorite candy. I was introduced to the chocolate treat by my middle schooler when he sneaked a couple of coated balls for me from his Brazilian friend’s birthday party. I instantly fell in love with them, and as they could be prepared  from pantry ingredients on a short notice, they are a bit of danger if you are watching your weight. Since the recipe for Brigadeiro comes from My Colombian Recipes I am sending it to Nupur’s Blog Bites #6 Potluck Edition.       

The recipe is simple and the outcome is beautiful. You can add brandy or rum for an extra dash.       

You will need        

14 oz can condensed milk.       


1 tbsp butter. I used salted butter as that was the only kind I had on hand       

3 tbsp cocoa powder. You can use powdered chocolate instead.       

Chocolate jimmies to coat the candy. You can also use sprinkles, powdered nuts, desiccated coconut or any coating that you fancy.       

1. Melt butter in a heavy bottomed pan on medium heat.       

2. Add condensed milk and cocoa and mix well.       

3. Reduce the heat to low and continue stirring for about five more minutes till the mixture becomes thick and sticks to the back of the spoon.       

4. Let cool for an hour of two. I had to shorten this step drastically, as everyone was trying to sneak spoonfuls of chocolate mixture.       

5. Apply butter liberally on your palms, roll balls and roll into jimmies.       


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1 Response to Back to School Celebration

  1. Nupur says:

    Good luck to your kids for the new school year, and thank you for the entry- love the little bites.

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