Spring in my step

Recently a walking challenge was introduced at my workplace. We had to count number of steps using a pedometer during spring and every week attractive prizes would be offered to the person with most number of steps. Upon reading the email, I did a quick dance in my cube and walked corridors of the office whistling, as happy as a lark.    

When I announced my intention of participating in the program, my family quickly fled the room. They remembered their affliction when I had participated in such programs in the past. I wasn’t going to get discouraged by such petty things; I left the household chores to my husband and walked (not drove) to the nearby pharmacy in search of a reliable pedometer. I spent the weekend doing online research and devising strategy to get most steps out of my cube bound job. During that time my family was left hungry, laundry kept piling up and my kids couldn’t compete in their games due to unwashed uniforms. They begged me not to compete, and my husband painted an appalling picture of what it would be. This is what he thought would happen or DID IT ACTUALLY HAPPEN?    

It was the first day of walking challenge; at work I parked my car in the outermost parking spot, and within minutes building security notified me that it was obstructing incoming traffic. I was not mortified, but took this opportunity to walk few extra steps. With my ten-step program devised over the weekend, I refused to reply to any emails; instead I walked to everyone’s cube with my replies. I shunned the use of any electronic communication device, and walked to my co-workers offices to confer with them. At first, people thought I was being unusually helpful, but pretty soon they were vexed by my never-ending appearances. Instead of web seminars and conference calls I arranged face-to-face meetings, and booked conference rooms at the other end of the building.    

I always take couple of items for lunch that need to be heated. I started warming them up in two microwaves located  at opposite ends of the building, and kept walking back and forth to check on the food. This resulted in long waits at the microwave and things started getting hot and heavy when the offender (in this case me) finally arrived to take the overheated food out.    

At home, I spent long hours on treadmill ignoring my kids’ pleas for help with their homework. My husband remarked that my pedometer had become like a prisoner’s ankle bracelet and gently suggested that I take it out while going to bed; didn’t he know that 1.65% of the times I get up during night for a drink of water. Why would I want to discount those steps?    

I had accumulated ample steps at the end of the week and went to work with a spring in my step. But alas, a bulletin was waiting for me declaring that the walking challenge was withdrawn due to unforeseen circumstances. To this date I am not sure what exactly went wrong, may be you would have some insight…    


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