Spring Superciliousness

I am not a fan of spring as I suffer the entire season due to allergies. So spring break leaves me frustrated and disheartened. It is always cold to plan any outdoor adventures; all the nearby tourist places share the same chilly, allergic weather, and the mere thought of lugging around coats and gloves crushes any travel plans. We did go to Texas one spring break, but it rained most of the time, and since then our spring break destination has been  home sweet home.     

I am now stuck at home with two very active boys who owing to the cold, rainy weather can’t be outdoors much. Reading, playing video games and watching TV holds an appeal for a short time; but rest of the time they are bouncing around the house like Energizer Bunny. Recently though they have found another way of entertaining themselves. They have been calling each other names, the ultimate insult being called princess. They have also been singing Orianthi’s popular song ‘According to you’, interchanging words me and you. At first I chided them for these acts, but after spending five full days in their company, I took the saying ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’ to heart, and started taking cheap shots at them. I have to not so proudly agree that it was quite entertaining, and I felt liberated from the burdens and duties of adulthood.     

Every week I listen to ‘Way with Words’ podcast; which is a blithe and engaging radio show about language. Insults have been on my mind all week, and this weeks’ podcast couldn’t have been broadcasted at a better time. It features insults from 17th century; there are few that are not appropriate for kids but all showcase author’s mastery over language and excellent word power. You will be tempted to use them at some point in your life, so go ahead and enjoy…     


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