Mid-week Treat


I call them terrible Tuesdays. On Mondays I will be still savoring the bygone weekend, but Tuesdays offer no incentive. Weekend seems far away, and I need a kick to get through rest of the week. This week it came in the form of a super easy dessert recipe. I was riffling through Abigail Johnson Dodge’s ‘The weekend baker’ and found a jewel. The only cooking that was needed for 10-minute mocha pots de crème was boiling heavy cream in microwave. These little pots offered heady rum and lingering coffee flavors. Abigail suggested topping the dessert with whipped cream and chocolate curls; I decided to try it on its own, but the taste was too strong for me. It definitely needed loads of cream; I had vanilla ice cream on hand, and it complimented the chocolate, coffee and rum flavors perfectly. It is definitely an adult dessert and a very addictive one too. As warm weather approaches, I can visualize myself on the back porch indulging in the luxurious tastes of these mocha pots.   

1 cup heavy cream                                                                    

Potd de creme

4 ounces finely chopped bittersweet chocolate  

3 tbsp sugar  

½ tsp instant coffee  

2 tbsp rum  

1 tsp vanilla extract  


1. Heat the cream until just boiling either in a microwave or on stovetop.  

2. Meanwhile dump chopped chocolate, sugar and coffee into a blender.  

3. Add the heated crème to the blender.  

4. Blend till mixture is frothy and smooth.  

5. Add rum and vanilla and process for few seconds.  

6. Skim off the foam from the blender and discard.  

7. Pour the mixture into 4 little cups or ramekins, cover and refrigerate for an hour.  

Mocha Pots with Ice Cream

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