Spring is in the air

Spring is in the air
squirrels are diving out of their lair
my neighbor took out his beach chair

snowfalls are getting rare
but I still feel ensnared

Spring brings April showers
it exhibits plethora of flowers
it parades with aristocratic hauteur

Spring blares its colors
sky looks extraordinarily azure
now my garden will not be bare

Spring is in the air
of that I am well aware

Now don’t take me wrong
I didn’t want winter to prolong
but spring also brings pollen
my allergies are beginning to worsen

I wish I could ride my bike
but watery eyes keep me inside
allergy medicines adorn my shelf
I decide to turn to my bookshelf

Spring is in the air
and I am in despair
I was hoping for a miracle
I was ready for summer to yodel…

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4 Responses to Spring is in the air

  1. noh8 says:

    Title spelling: spring
    Really a wonderful poem.

  2. slpmartin says:

    Oh…for some many years I looked forward to winter when all the things that filled my eyes with tears sneezes would die…I can really identify with this poem…really enjoyed it.

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