It is snowing again

It is snowing again
when is this going to end
so far we had snow, sleet and ice
my health is paying a heavy price

My son wants to go out and explore
but I want to head to the bookstore
the cold pounces like an Andean Condor
germs galore and I end up in a drugstore

At work I have a deadline
but my productivity is on decline
the snow looks almost divine
trees sparkle along the skyline

My husband is enthralled by nature’s beauty
he is chattering about its bounty
I make a beeline for bedroom settee
he comments that recently I have been a sleeping beauty

I cast an angry glance
he eyes me askance
and hurriedly takes a warrior stance

My kids come running to enjoy this friction
I leave the rest to your imagination…

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1 Response to It is snowing again

  1. vandana says:

    love the way you ended it!

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