What! A Winner?

It’s a cloudy and dreary Monday morning, start of a work week, and l am dragging my feet both literally and figuratively. We have more snow in the forecast, sickness abound in my family from sniffles to sore throat to fever which makes me wonder if I could crawl back to bed and hide from everyone. I fetch my morning cup of tea, and start going through my email. I almost fall off my chair as I read an email from EC saying ‘Congratulations! You are the winner of MLLA event-19th edition.’
My recipe for ‘Crunchy Kachori’ has won 1st place in the event. Could there be a mistake? I visit EC’s round up link to verify; all the entries are impressive and imaginative, and then I notice my entry and name in winner’s list. I wake up the whole household (and perhaps our neighbors too) with my victorious whoops; my youngest son wonders if his wish has finally come true and Spiderman had alighted on our driveway. My other son hopes that we have won a lottery and my husband starts dialing family physician’s number. After I calm down a bit, my husband manages to glean the information and congratulations and happy smiles get bestowed upon me.    
Thank you Susan and EC for the recognition. I am invigorated to cook up a storm with my ever growing repertoire.

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2 Responses to What! A Winner?

  1. vandana says:

    wonderful! cogratulations shilpa!
    and that particular recipe was so dear to your heart too … :0)

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