Coping with Cold

Last week my son came home with cold and cough and pretty soon we were an ailing household. I was in training all week and couldn’t even take any time off. This little piece from my journal recites the misery and happenings through the week.

I have a nasty cold
all my activities are now on hold

I am craving for a cup of hot, spicy soup
I am yearning for a wad of stupe

Piled high few feet of snow
my son is playing cello
my head is going to blow
he convinced me to eat a pot of gumbo

I have a nasty cold
I want to be consoled

I am constantly sneezing spraying germs
as my son is working on his midterms

My head hurts and my muscles ache
but I have to go to class to decorate cake

I am getting chills
while updating my techie skills
my husband is at the pharmacy for refills

I have a nasty cold
this story needs to be told

I am coughing with such gusto
my colleagues are wandering outside my cube with a lasso

Today we had team meeting
nobody shook my hand in greeting
around me there was ton of empty seating

My incessant sniffles are making everyone indignant
they are cleaning the surfaces with disinfectant
while I am starting to feel radiant…

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One Response to Coping with Cold

  1. datsme says:

    O boy I totally relate to this. I am going through it RIGHT NOW!!!
    Its worse than being bed-ridden. Coz nothing works in it. You know what they say : If you take meds for cold, it will go in a week. If you dont, then it’ll take 7 days 😀

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