Baker’s Confessions

It started eight years ago when I decided on a whim to try my hand at baking cakes and cookies. It has been a very interesting and satisfying learning exercise for me. Burnt up blackened cookies, sludgy cakes, flared up tempers for not shopping the right ingredients have all been part of my experience. But I must say that eight years have honed my mastery over basic baking.

Today I can measure and meddle, mix and mimic, whisk and risk, and bake and fake and get near perfect scores for taste and texture. When it comes to presentation though, I steer away from any public scrutiny. I am fully aware of my cake decorating skills (or rather lack of it). Every year my kids beg for a homemade cake for their birthday parties at school, and every time I back out at the last-minute with some lame excuse. In reality I am scared of their friends. Most adults will mumble something inaudibly or resort to skillful omission when faced with the daunting task of commenting on things that don’t deserve praise, but kids could be brutally honest and blatant in their appraisal.

Every time I go to library, I look at glossy food magazines and yearn for the perfectly decorated cakes. I always try my best to imitate the design, but so far success has evaded me. This year I decided to redress the situation instead of agonizing over it. Our local county college was offering basic cake decorating class and I hesitantly enrolled myself in the very last available spot. I attended my first class last week and enjoyed it thoroughly; it was a perfect stress buster. I am already leafing through spring catalog to find courses on advanced cake decorating and gardening (I am born with a brown thumb). I thought it would be fun to track my decorating progress on the blog. If nothing else you can have a good laugh at my expense.

Stay tuned…

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2 Responses to Baker’s Confessions

  1. anand says:

    dear shilpa,

    please share photographs and videos of the making of cakes.

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