Oh those five……….

Those five have been part of my life for quite some time now.  Every morning I wish they would go away, but they are always with me like Siamese twins. They hunker down with me in my office, follow me to the gym, spy on me when I eat my dinner, and snuggle with me at night.  They like to flaunt themselves with arrogant swagger; they refuse to separate from me, and they make my life miserable. These are the extra five pounds that I have been carrying (un)gracefully for almost a year now.

Early last year, my colleagues formed biggest loser’s club at work; needless to say that I was the pioneer member. I watched  every calorie I ate;  I weighed myself before and  after every  meal, and exercised  with such  fierceness that fellow members of  the fitness club  reported equipment abuse.   I prepared bland, fat-free, unappetizing meals at home that left my family to make frequent restaurant visits. At the end of the day my muscles ached, I was constantly hungry and grumpy, and drove my husband crazy with my constant woes.  He started going to bed early feigning headaches. My kids assured me that I didn’t need to lose five pounds but had to lose ten. Despite the struggle and pain, I stood tall and got rid  of those evil, menacing five.  

My sense of exultation didn’t last long; the five pounds came back with such fervor that I was completely dumbstruck. It was a reminiscence of the story of ‘Vikram Aur Vetaal’ that I had heard as a kid. With  New  Year  coming around I find people making resolutions; friends enrolling in fitness  and weight watchers clubs,  but I  have decided  to reverse  the trend.  I am not going to threaten those five, and I am not going to be disheartened by them, but I going to embrace them. I am going to be thankful for my food, the fact that I have ample of it on my plate; to savor it and not treat it as my nemesis. 

 Instead I am going to consider those five as a keepsake and a gift of my happy motherhood. I have decided to let ‘the five’ hitch along in my journey of life. There are many exciting adventures and journeys to undertake and the ‘fantastic five’ are going to be part of them all.

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2 Responses to Oh those five……….

  1. Neelam says:

    Hey ! this was funny. glad to see you make friends wtih your 5. i have made peace with my 10 🙂

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