Any mean moms out there?

Last night my kids were tracking Santa on the internet, and were talking about their oncoming gift haul.  I being a conscientious mom, at first tried to teach them that Christmas was all about giving and not taking, but pretty soon I also got involved in their excitement. I fervently started working on my wish list for Santa, though my 11 year old reminded me that it was little late in the game to do so. I ignored him, and steadfastly started adding more things (hey, over the years I have realized that it pays to be a kid or act like one).

          My husband who until this time was unaware of all these developments, walked into the room with sleep in his eyes. When he saw my list, he saw disaster looming on the horizon and gave up all the hopes of sitting at home and watching TV over the next 3 days.

          My 6 year old, who was quietly watching me all this time, solemnly said, “Mom, if I were you, I wouldn’t expect anything from Santa; as you have been a really mean mom!”. He also declared that he was going to let me choose his wife when he grew up as I was sure to weed out all the mean girls for him (implicating that I being a mean person, I would recognize similar company). Imagine my reaction then!!!.  I have been making all kinds of sacrifices all these years, and in my son’s mind I was nothing but a nasty person. Rewind, I hurriedly started scanning events of past few months and analyzing my mommy behavior. Nada, nothing popped up there. Finally I mustered courage and asked him for proof behind these allegations. He earnestly told me that when you are hungry next time, try eating anything other than that last piece of chocolate cake, and that he would change his opinion. I erased all the monster mom images from my mind, and vowed to check for any remaining pieces before wolfing down cake next time.

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3 Responses to Any mean moms out there?

  1. This story is really funny. I like it. Mihir

  2. Neelam says:

    so cute ! i am sure you are the best mom ever. hope santa was good to you 🙂

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